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ORRY z Daskonu - son of Art z Lipin
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date of birth: 9.6. 1998
dam: GINA z Chržína
show result: very good 1.
HD: "a", normal (0/0)
korung: 5VQ 1/p
first class of breed lifetime
titles: ZVV1, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, SchH 1, SchH2, SchH3
IPO 1: 99 track, 96 protection work
SchH1: 98 track, 99 protection work
SchH2: 96 track, 96 protection work
IPO 3: 97 track, 96 protection work

Orry lives in California- USA at this moment.My best greetings to Scott and Susan ! We wish you good health,luck and a lot of time to spend with Orry.We wish you a big sport and personally success with him too !!!

FRED ze Stříbrného kamene - grandson of Art z Lipin
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Sire: EMÍR Chabet /foto/
Dam: CHYTA z Lipin
date of birth: 14.8. 2001
titles: IPO 1,SchH 1, ZVV 1
IPO 1: 97,95,97
SchH1: 94,88,95
ZVV 1: 98,83,93

BEN z Bolfu
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